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SK Global House, another option in on-campus housing for international students, opened in February 2010 providing services and facilities on international standards. It can accommodate up to 585 students in single rooms and double rooms with separate floors by gender. It provides a 24-hour front desk operation and security system, which insure living convenience and security. Students and guests can enjoy various facilities and services within a global community network. The primary language in the house is English.

Application Eligibility

All applicants must enroll for and earn a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester, except summer and winter vacations. KLI students need to enroll for 10 weeks’ regular program. All students need to submit all required information correctly for online housing application by the application deadline.

Assignment Priority

Application acceptance is made based on the following sequence, with first-come-first-served basis.

  • International undergraduate students, including exchange students on a priority according to the order of application with confirming if the student registered for the program.
  • International graduate students, including exchange students on a priority according to the order of application with confirming if the student registered for the program.
  • If rooms are available after completion of room assignment for international students, domestic undergraduate students and domestic graduate students can get a room according to the order of application with confirming if the student registered for the program.
Application Procedure
  • Applicants need to sign up for the housing website (http://ih.yonsei.ac.kr) first, and apply on-line after log-in during the designated application period by program and semester(specified at INFORMATION – Schedule).
    Then, applicants need to check the result of acceptance at ‘My Page’ of the housing website on the designated result update date. If the status shows "passed", applicant is able to see move-in information as well as payment information by clicking on the housing application number.
Restrictions on Application
  • Those who were previously evicted from other dormitories at Yonsei University. (However, such applicants may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.)
    Those who have been exposed to a communicable disease. (Tuberculosis test result is required for check-in.)
    Those who provide false personal information ordata.
    Those who are considered unacceptable by the Director.
  • Students can send an email to request for a specific roommate. While it is not 100% guaranteed, roommates on request will be assigned as long as the room status allows. Otherwise, roommate assignment is done on a random basis.
Room types and Rates
Single room
  • Single bed, desk, chair, bookcase, closet, shoe rack, refrigerator, air-conditioning and heating system, interphone, internet access (with LAN cable), linen set
  • Room rate for the academic year of 2015 : 2,642,000KRW/spring or fall semester (118 days)
Double room
  • Single beds , desks and chairs, bookcases, closets, shoe rack, linen sets, air-conditioning and heating system,
    Interphone, Internet access with LAN cable available
  • Room rate for the academic year of 2015 : 1,785,000KRW/spring or fall semester (118 days)
Guest Rooms (for faculty members)
  • Furnished apartment type of rooms for professors at Yonsei University
  • Single and double bed, desk and chair, bookcase, closet, shoe rack, linen set, sofa, dining table and chair, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, steam iron, fully furnished kitchen including glassware, utensils and table ware, internet access(with LAN cable) available.
  • To make reservation for a guest room, please contact your affiliated department at Yonsei University as reservation requires a formal letter of request from the related department of Yonsei University to Housing Dept.
  • Room Rate for the academic year 2015 (March 1, 2015 - February 29, 2016)
    A type(46 m²) : 1,545,000KRW/month, 72,000/night
    B type(106 m²) : 3,090,000KRW/month, 155,000KRW/night
  • Residents should be careful with all equipment, as they are responsible for breakage or other damages.
  • Housing fee should be fully paid by payment due date.
  • The housing fee may be adjusted annually considering inflation.
  • Residents are responsible for linen laundry and cleaning.
Common Area
Common Area
Lounge Water purifier, refrigerator, microwave, computer, TV and sofa
Study room Desk, chair, computer
Seminar room Desk, chair, computer
Computer lab Computers, printer, charger for printing
Laundry room Coin laundry, coin drier, complimentary iron, dry cleaning shop
Kitchen 10 sets of cooking stations, refrigerators
Music room Piano with soundproof walls
Commercial Area
  • Restaurants, convenience store, travel agency, cafe, burger shop, lunch box, mobile phone shop, flower shop, etc.
Repair Service
  • If there is any problem in the room such as light, internet, toilet, etc., residents needs to sign up for maintenance request log at the front desk to get it fixed. The maintenance staff can enter the room for repairs while the resident is away.
Telephone Use
  • Interphone provided. Residents can receive incoming calls from the outside through the dormitory(+82 2 2123 7481)
  • Residents can cook in the kitchen (named Liberatas in the basement 3rd floor). Personal kitchen utensils should be kept in a locker in the kitchen. Please visit Housing office to get a locker with some fee.81)
Refund Policy

In case you need to cancel the housing after payment or leave the House (Int'l House or SK Global House) after formal check-in date, you can request for refund as according to the refund policy as shown in the table below. The notice of cancellation or leaving the House in the middle of the semester needs to be made in written form (by email). Date of receiving the notice is based on the Korean time if the cancellation is made before or on the formal check-in date.

  • Applicable only for Exchange/Visiting/General Yonsei Students, KLI (regular program) students and YISS students (longer than 6 weeks)
  • In the case that the resident is evicted due to violation of housing regulations, there will be NO refund of the housing fee.
  • Banking charges incurred for wire transfer of the refund, if any, will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • The formal check-in date is shown in the Schedule under INFORMATION on the housing website.
  • Housing semester schedule differs by program (Exchange/Visiting/General, KLI, YISS).
Refund Policy
Notice of Cancellation or Leaving Refund
Cancelling on the day 7 days prior to the formal check-in date 100% of housing fee
Cancelling on the day 6 days to 1 day prior to
the formal check-in date
Deduction of KRW100,000 from the housing fee
Cancelling or leaving the House on the day between
the formal check-in date
and mid-point of the housing semester
20% deduction from the housing fee,
then refund remaining days out of total days
for the housing semester
Cancelling or leaving the House after
the mid-point housing semester
Refund not applicable
Other Information
Personal Belongings
  • The SK Global House is not responsible for any case of breakage, damage, loss or robbery of personal belongings. Residents are fully responsible for their belongings.
Permitted electrical appliances
  • Electric razor, hair dryer, computer, battery charger, light stand, humidifier, others allowed by the dormitory.
    Hot plates, irons, toasters, rice cookers, individual heaters and similar electrical appliances are NOT permitted.
Mail/Parcel Delivery
  • Residents should collect general mail from individual mail box assigned for each room, and registered mail or parcels from the front desk.
  • Residents can get help from the duty manger for disease or injury for information on hospital/pharmacy or ambulance arrangement.
  • In the case of an emergency, call 119. Residents will be charged for the expenses occurred, if any.
  • In the case of a communicable disease, resident must immediately report to the housing office.
  • In the case of a communicable disease, resident must leave the house until they submit a medical report stating that they have fully recovered.
Gate Closing
  • Main gate: open 24 hours, no curfew
  • The Director may adjust the closing time if required.
Housing Website & Contacts

More information about SK Global House is available at the housing website (http://ih.yonsei.ac.kr/). If you have any questions regarding SK Global House, please feel free to contact by e-mail to skghouse@yonsei.ac.kr or by phone (+82 2 2123 7481).